January 20, 2006

thank you cia!


I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday from the lovely cia, of cia's palette. She knitted this wee sweater, which she hoped would fit a dolly in the house. . . and look at it on Madeline! It's like it was made for her. Or me, I love the color and the collar, I really want one for myself! Thanks so much Cia! The deer are staying out-at least until spring, because it's still winter and I can't put them away.

Hooray, it's Friday! I got through the first week at home with the girls since Pete went to work downtown, and it's been just fine. There was an incident at Costco where I forgot the pin number on my debit card, had no cash or checks, called the bank on the phone (and no, they won't give out the pin), was almost in tears, the girls were fine, but really, I couldn't stop sweating when they really starting fussing, and so I left , temped to just run out the door, but instead had them hold the grocery cart full of weird stuff in the freezer (yes, the socks and cheese got frozen) and then we all went back later when dad got home. Sweet.

Okay-mailorder is in the works, so look for updates here on the blog for now. I am trying to get a mailing list set up that is a 3rd party thing, because I can't really handle sending them all out in batches-so, if you have signed up on my kingpod mail-list, you may get a 3rd party asking if you want to stay on it-I'm not sure who I am using, free would be nice, but notify.com hasn't gotten back to me yet about integrating a existing list. . .and I don't totally understand how yahoo groups does this-need to explore more.

thanks again for all the enthusiasm this week! and if I can get the sweater pattern out of cia's genius brain, I will post it for sure!

December 13, 2005

my ears are so happy


I am now the proud owner of the perfect winter hat. Casey was kind enough to take me up on the hat for art swap and I couldn't be more thrilled. And holly cow, was she fast! We e-mailed a bit trying to decide on the perfect yarn and color blue and ended up deciding ivory was the best choice in Debbie Bliss 100% merino wool which is lovely and soft and showcases the stitch pattern so well. Look at how similar it looks to the hat I posted! Incredible. She seems to have a bit of pom-pom insecurities, but I love the pom-pom, and don't know what she is talking about.

on my head keeping my ears toasty. . .

The generous, very funny, and talented Casey gave me the pattern to post. She said it was a bit by the seat of her pants. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it makes sense. if you have questions, just post a comment and Casey and I can help you (I may not be much help) Thank so much Casey! **and I know I do have a pretty small head. Pete's is even smaller and the doctors have really noticed the girls tiny heads. hmmm.

Amy's Hat

2 balls Debbie Bliss merino aran (100% merino wool, color 101, 78m/50g, 24 rows and 18 sts to 10cm) Note: manufacturer recommends 5mm/US 8 needles. I used 5.5 mm as the pattern stitch is dense. I do not know what my gauge was but I believe it was 6 st/inch.

Pattern Stitch:

Hat is knit flat (because I could not figure out how to make the pattern stitch work in the round!), using the plaited basket stitch from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Requires an odd number of stitches.
Row 1 (right side): K2 * insert needle from back to front between first and second stitches on the left-hand needle, knit the second stitch, then knit the first stitch, then slip both stitches from the needle together; repeat from *, end K1


Row 2: P2, *skip next stitch and purl the second stitch, then purl the skipped stitch, then slip both stitches from the needle together; repeat from *, end P1


The hat:

I made the ear flaps first, starting by casting on three stitches then increasing two (on each ear flap) on each knit row. I made them at the same time, using both balls of yarn, mainly because I didn't know what I was doing and knew I wouldn't be able to repeat it. I increased every other row until I had 19 stitches for each ear flap, which was conveniently almost 3 inches long (had it not been, I would have ripped it out and increased every third or fourth row). The flaps were knit in the pattern stitch as best as I could accommodate the increases. Next I did something stupid: I tried to use a cable cast-on to cast on the body of the hat while the ear flaps were still on the needles. I probably should have cast-off both flaps, then cast on the body of the hat and picked up stitches along the top of each. But, whatever, it mostly worked. I picked up stitches like this:


CO 21---[PU 19 ear flap]---CO 42---[PU 19 ear flap]---CO 22


That totaled 123 stitches, which worked for me because I like a snug hat (123 stitches at 6 st/inch (which I am pretty sure was my gauge) is just under 21 inches—Amy told me her head was 23" (and I tried not to dwell for too long on how gigantic my melon is by compare), so I figured around 21 inches was good, given the stretch of the wool and the flexibility I found in my pattern swatch).


So, then I knit the hat flat in the pattern stitch for about six inches or so. The cast-off was another adventure, since I wanted to try to keep the decreases in the pattern stitch as best as I could. So I did two K2tog on the last row before the decreases, to get down to 121 stitches (I figured I needed an odd number for the pattern stitch, but that was very close to 120, which is divisible by six). Then, I did K1, then *K4, K2tog and repeated from the * around. I did a normal purl row (no deceases) but had to fudge a little to get into the pattern stitch ( i.e. I think I started with one purl stitch instead of two or something). On the next knit row, I did K1, *K3, Ktog, etc. I went on in this vein until I was just doing K2togs, and had about 10 left. I cut the yarn, threaded it through, tied it off, etc. I made the braids, a (lousy) pompom, and finished it up with a study mattress seam. I blocked the bottom edges of the hat, to keep them from curling up.

August 04, 2005

tiny feet


I knitted these booties for the baby of this mama (sorry to spoil the surprise!) but it's the only thing I could make right now without "meeting" this baby first. I learned so much about myself as a knitter last summer. I need small quick projects that require all my attention. long projects that involve just knitting away, not counting, make me bored, and I have hard time finishing them. I honestly think this says more about my life right now than about me as a knitter. One day I will try I big project, I swear I will. I get a bit sad thinking I can't just be all zen and knit away for a few hours. But then again, when can I do anything for a few hours? I think a road trip is in order.

some more aprons to see in the gallery. another came in late and this lovely girl got left out! sorry Vicki!

June 21, 2005

talking fiber


my library is sending me warning e-mails that I have had this Mary Frances book out too long. So, I took so photos and returned it.

Knit6 Knit7
wow. I love this outfit here. I know that this was wartime garb, not something to make light of, but this is a great look all the same.

I can't get enough of this illustrator-it's the same artist who did the Mary Frances Cooking Book. I think it's really hard to draw yarn, (try it!) yet here it is in all it's glory. It looks so heavy.

look at the faces on the needle heads. It appears one is happy and one is not so happy.

great advice.

yes they are, and lovely box.

notice wings with no arms, not wings and arms-you don't see that very much. wings instead of arms.


good bye!!

February 22, 2005

can't have too many booties


These were knitted from Knits for Cherished Baby, by Erica Knight. I bought this book because every pattern is so good! So many knitting books are better from the library, but this one really was worth buying-for my needs anyway. I did need to consult the SNB book for picking up stitches. I'm a newish knitter, and I still need clear diagrams, and the SNB's are the best for me. I noticed in the comments for this book on Amazon that there were some errors/unclear directions. I didn't notice that, but I have only made a few items from it so far.



All these other booties were made in a class I took at the Yarn Garden-such a great place.These are felted booties. You knit them big and the felt them in the washing machine. They are so satisfying they make up fast and any lumps or bumps are hidden when they are felted.

Img_0705 Img_0706_1